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  • 18 December 2023
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What to do in the event of a broken front door?

Free tips to help you

We often receive calls from private individuals or property companies desperately asking us for help because their building entrance doors have been compromised.

And often these are not our own door and window frames, but we always work reactively to try to find the best solution for the end customer and to intervene as quickly as possible.

Here are our tips to help you in the best possible way:

– Always send a picture of the broken or damaged accessory
– Always send at least one photo of the situation: door open and door closed
– Send a photo or picture of the product name or manufacturer if possible. You can usually find the labels of the installed system on the profiles or you can trace the manufacturer through any invoices in your possession.
– Make as much information as possible available to your interlocutor.

Più informazioni riceveremo, più saremo tempestivi e potremo reagire in maniera performante.

Alla fine il cliente vuole una porta funzionante e sicura, ma come risolvere il suo problema sta a noi.

Ed è così che i nostri operai specializzati si attivano. A volte è sufficiente sostituire un pezzo o una cerniera delle porte danneggiate, altre volte non basta. E così di volta in volta troviamo la soluzione migliore da proporre ai nostri clienti.

Before our intervention

In this case, we removed the inner hinges that had broken off and fitted three new outer hinges that looked perfectly in line with the door. Thus we solved the problem for the customer whose door remained open.

After our intervention