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  • 29 January 2024
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Free advice on how to best use the windows and doors in your home.

When building a house we often think that the window is just an element designed to close a hole in a building and let light through, but a good quality window offers several advantages, including:

– Comfort
– Security
– Energy efficiency
– Adequate ventilation
– Natural light control


In this little article today we will talk about how to better exploit windows for better air quality in our homes and offices.

Nowadays we spend up to 90% of our day inside closed spaces.

Ventilation of the living space through the opening of the windows is essential for several reasons:

Various pollutants, cooking vapors, smoke, dust, mold and other allergens accumulate inside homes. Ventilation allows these pollutants to escape and introduce fresh air from the outside, thus improving the quality of the air.
Humidity is another delicate topic inside homes: it accumulates through cooking vapors, shower vapors and even just due to our breathing. Proper ventilation helps reduce humidity and prevents the formation of mold and condensation, which can damage walls and cause health problems.

When warm air and humidity inside the home come into contact with cold surfaces, condensation can occur which can then turn into mold.

Spending too much time in a closed environment without a change of fresh air creates various health problems including– Loss of concentration
– Dry and irritated skin
– Watery eyes

Today we recommend that you open your windows every day for at least 10 minutes.

If you don’t find the time to open your windows and thus ensure correct ventilation, you can get help from intelligent systems, motorising the windows and connecting them to control units that control various factors:

– Internal air temperature
– CO2 levels
– Air humidity
– and other parameters

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