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Free safety tips In Switzerland, as in many other countries, maintenance of fire doors is mandatory to ensure the safety of buildings and the people who occupy them. Fire doors play a crucial role in containing fires, reducing the spread of fire and smoke and allowing the safe evacuation of occupants. The Swiss laws on [...]

Maturi & Sampietro recommends

Free advice on how to best use the windows and doors in your home. When building a house we often think that the window is just an element designed to close a hole in a building and let light through, but a good quality window offers several advantages, including: - Comfort - Security - Energy [...]

Maturi & Sampietro reacts

What to do in the event of a broken front door? Free tips to help you We often receive calls from private individuals or property companies desperately asking us for help because their building entrance doors have been compromised. And often these are not our own door and window frames, but we always work reactively [...]

Maturi & Sampietro tells

L’idea dei contenitori interrati ed il nostro sviluppo Francesco Sampietro tells.... Our company was active in the metal construction sector and also produced aluminium garment containers for third parties. At some point we received a request to also produce containers for waste and we started to design them. The idea was to make convenient and [...]

The safety glass

Many times private customers ask us to provide security glass, but what is security glass? In this article, we will explain what safety glass is and where it can be used. To do this, we must first understand the different types of glass used in construction.   Float glass: Float glass is a type of [...]

The maintenance of window frames

Window and door maintenance: tips and advice for durability and efficiency The Importance of Window and Door Maintenance Window frames, which include windows, doors and shutters, play a crucial role in our homes. Besides influencing the aesthetics of spaces, they play a key function in thermal and acoustic insulation, security and energy efficiency. However, we [...]