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We design, manufacture and install facades that continue according to your needs in compliance with the guarantees provided by current legislation.

The wide assortment of accessories allows choose among various solutions with a high guarantee of comfort and safety.

Main types of facades:

Upright facades and traverses

Ventilated facades

Cell facades

Uprights and sleepers

This type of façade is based on vertical and horizontal elements in aluminum or steel that constitute a structural lattice to which transparent (glass) or opaque (panelling) infills are applied.

Elegant solution of great architectural value with lean profiles for large and medium-sized mirrors.


The ventilated façade a particular type of coating of the external walls that involves the application of an insulating layer from covered finishing panels achievable in different materials (sheet metal, composite panels, terracotta, etc.).

The finishing panels do not adhere to the masonry but through a metal substructure are spaced to form a ventilation cavity.

The cavity designed in such a way that the air present in it can flow upwards by chimney effect, in order to improve the overall thermoenergetic performance of the façade.

The movement of the air in the cavity helps to dry any water infiltration and to remove the heat accumulated by solar radiation in the coating layer.

A cell

The cell facades are prefabricated structural facades, made entirely in the workshop.

The cells are composed of upright-traverse semiprophiles, must be laid on site with the help of lifting equipment and fixed to the floors by means of support shelves; in this way it is possible to mount it without scaffolding.

The advantage of using this solution is to reduce the time of installation, while ensuring a remarkable standard quality.

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