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La nostra storia

company was founded in 1968 by the commitment of two young forward-thinking entrepreneurs: Giovanni Maturi and Francesco Sampietro.

It all starts in a small workshop where metal constructions take shape and begin to be sold throughout the canton of Ticino. Over the years the company grew, the number of employees increased and the two founders decided to move the business from Massagno to Mezzovico. In 2013, Ing. Francisco Sampietro.

Thanks to solid foundations acquired over time, our creativity and innovation, we have successfully gone through difficult periods, economic crises and important changes. After more than 50 years of presence on the market, Maturi&Sampietro is today a strong and dynamic reality, oriented towards development, and a reference point for Ticino metalconstructions.

The company’s activities cover the entire metal construction branch, from the execution of windows to blacksmith works, from winter gardens to ventilated facades, without neglecting natural ventilation systems and the management of smoke evacuation. In addition, a section of our company is dedicated to the development of new environmental technologies focusing on the production, marketing and laying of underground containers for separate collection.

Our company combines the resistance of steel with the transparency of glass to create high quality and high design products, because we at Maturi&Sampietro are AS STRONG AS STEEL AND TRANSPARENT AS GLASS.


Ongoing projects


Cosa ci distingue? Amiamo il nostro lavoro e siamo convinti che nessun progetto sia impossibile da realizzare. Grazie alle competenze acquisite negli anni sviluppiamo la soluzione perfetta per i nostri clienti.




A story
that starts from afar…
La dirigenza Spirito imprenditoriale, competenze settoriali ed attenzione alle necessità dei propri collaboratori sono le caratteristiche che contraddistinguono da sempre i nostri dirigenti, che guidano l’azienda sostenendo ed incoraggiando la continua formazione del nostro team.
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Vision & Mission

We focus our work on passion and innovation. On the strength and development of our skills. Our ability to find solutions and solve complex situations comes from a broader and more complete view of projects, and an innovative approach that leads us to think outside the box.

We are an organized and dynamic reality. We believe in the value of the person and the long-term partnership. We believe in commitment, determination, and the desire to grow.

We want our company to be an ideal workplace, where people are inspired to give their best.

We want to establish with our customers a relationship of honesty and trust, based on dialogue, and aimed at finding the ideal solution, not the easiest or most obvious one.

We want to understand the customer’s needs and make our skills available to him, to show him all the possibilities that he may have neglected and thus realize his dream.

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