With you since 1968

The company was founded in 1968 by the commitment of two young forward-thinking entrepreneurs: Giovanni Maturi and Francesco Sampietro. Over the years the company grew and transferred its business from Massagno to Mezzovico, consolidating its presence on the Ticino market.

In 2013, Ing. Francisco Sampietro, thus guaranteeing the company the continuity of the values already transmitted by the two founding members. Today our company covers a total area of 4150 square meters, consisting of 2 production warehouses dedicated to the processing of iron and aluminum and 1800 square meters of squares.

Our team, composed of 42 specialized collaborators, is supported by cutting-edge technologies to create high-level metal constructions.

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Our production


Thermal and acoustic insulation, lightness and flexibility, transparency and elegance, robustness and safety: these perfectly integrated features distinguish our windows and create a unique, original and modern design.

Wide choice of customization: retractable elements, handles and hinges, burglar proof systems and automatic window handling.

We design, manufacture and install according to your needs, thanks to the latest generation of production technologies.

  • 01. Aluminum windows
  • 02. Iron windows
  • 03. Minimal windows
  • 04. Fire-fighting windows


In steel, aluminum and glass: our facades represent the aesthetic par excellence. They constitute the selective filter between indoor and outdoor environment while preserving the comfort of the building.

Thanks to lines with particular lightness and elegance, they allow you to perform large mirrors of high robustness.

Resistant, recyclable, ecological, insulating and practical materials enhance the versatility of use of our facades.

  • 01. Upright facades and traverses
  • 02. Ventilated facades
  • 03. Cell facades

Winter Gardens

Founded in the 1700s in England as an extension of dwellings, the winter gardens were originally greenhouse living rooms.

Today they allow you to create an exclusive corner where you can enjoy all the comforts and tranquility of your home … to fully experience the outdoor spaces in all seasons.

Works by metalworkers

Safety without sacrificing design. Stairs, railings, gates, canopies, railings and handrails.

Take care of the details with fine finishes for works that guarantee safety over time. Because the difference has to be noticed.

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Third Party Account

We collaborate with numerous companies in our territory, belonging to the most varied sectors, who rely on us as a support partner to the production line, providing them with raw materials or semi-finished products. We also perform cutting, bending, punching, rhodium and drilling of sheets.


Our service and maintenance ensures the pleasure of having products that last over time while maintaining their functionality, fully in line with the warranty conditions. We pay particular attention to the maintenance of fire and smoke doors, in accordance with clauses 17–19 of the new Swiss fire prescription (an integral part of the AICAA fire regulations).

Dicono di noi

Christopher B.

“Da tempo pensavo di sostituire i serramenti di casa per problemi di umidità. Sono contento di aver risolto il problema, il lavoro è stato svolto a regola d’arte e nei tempi previsti, grazie”

Davide G.

“Non pensavo esistessero così tante opzioni per una semplice scala, è bello poter scegliere senza doversi accontentare!”

Anna R.

“Staff tecnico molto competente, sono riusciti a costruire una finestra con caratteristiche particolari senza alcun problema, cosa che per altri era impossibile.”

Giorgio D.

“Dovevo ristrutturare casa e tra le mille cose a cui pensare c’erano anche i serramenti ma non sapevo da che parte iniziare. Con Maturi & Sampietro SA ho trovato la soluzione perfetta per la mia casa e siamo molto soddisfatti”

Lucia G.

“Ho valutato diverse idee per la mia veranda coperta e alla fine posso dire di aver scelto bene. Amo il mio nuovo soggiorno, pieno di luce e con un tocco moderno, come piace a me!”