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  • 5 December 2023
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L’idea dei contenitori interrati ed il nostro sviluppo

Francesco Sampietro tells….

Our company was active in the metal construction sector and also produced aluminium garment containers for third parties. At some point we received a request to also produce containers for waste and we started to design them.

The idea was to make convenient and simple containers. The waste containers on the market until then were tall and uncomfortable. So I thought of making something different. I designed a container that was not too tall, easy for all users to use and with a pedal that would make it easier to put the bag in.

Underground containers do not release unpleasant odours when the lid is opened because the bags are deposited underground. That is why’ I decided to develop an underground system, with tanks capable of holding up to 5 cubic metres of material, which would allow a large amount of waste to be collected and ensure that no odours would be released.

In addition, the visual impact is reduced and perfectly in line with the urban environment precisely because only the part of the column is positioned above ground, at a height of just over one metre.

Picking up the column to empty the containers is quick and easy thanks to the use of the “Kinshofer” hooking system: a standardised system that allows automatic hooking to the truck’s crane.

In short, I looked for simple, convenient and above all functional solutions. I put a few ideas together and the underground container was born.

After a period of only supplying on behalf of third parties, we thus began to put OUR product on the market, also taking care of laying the concrete tub, the corresponding container and the column.

We also sold our models outside Ticino, we participated in important trade fairs exhibiting our containers and also received considerable appreciation. But 20 years ago the market was not what it is today. Underground containers were still not in great demand and competition from other companies prevented us from producing large quantities. In any case, we have never abandoned this branch of our business. We have always been committed and even filed a patent in the US following a local application. Today we continue to produce our own bins: MSW, plastic, paper, glass and waste oil.

Over the years we have also developed electronic card-reading containers and can boast a satellite tracking system that was filmed on Swiss television, even though 15 years have now passed.

Making and installing environmentally friendly products that contribute to the development of sustainability as a priority through the use of modern technology has always been my obsession. I think I have succeeded. Today I look forward, I have passed on my ideas to my son and I have passed the company management on to him, but I continue to be present and to support the sustainable choices of our company.