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55th anniversary

Surprise event organized to celebrate this important milestone. Screening of a documentary film dedicated to the production activity of Maturi e Sampietro, which has chosen to share such a significant and special moment with its team and guests. The company wanted to convey the determination, perseverance and commitment that has brought us here. The transmitted [...]
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Skillmatch Award

On Thursday, 9 February 2023 at the Città dei mestieri in Bellinzona, the names of the winners of the SkillMatch Award 2023 were revealed following a round table discussion between the candidate companies. The award went to four companies from the Insubric area, two from Italy and two from Switzerland. The award was established with [...]
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International Author Competition

Maturi & Sampietro receives prestigious award for 22nd International Design Competition held by METRA Building Proud and proud of our work!
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Corporate workshop

This year, Maturi e Sampietro together with its employees broke out of the usual 'company meeting' pattern. On 14 October 2022, we spent a very pleasant day at Monte Tamaro where, amidst fresh air and a lunch of genuine food, we discussed and explored current company issues and future plans.
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Informative afternoon for the promotion of the profession of metal builder designer. The promotion of the event was managed through the Bellinzona CDMSI channels Maturi e Sampietro SA presented the figure of the metal-builder designer and illustrated to the interested parties the possibilities of internships and training in the company. Maturi e Sampietro SA has [...]
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The future of the professions

On the occasion of an in-depth study on the profession of metal builder, the University of Applied Sciences of Italian Switzerland organized an interview with our director at the headquarters of Maturi and Sampietro SA to illustrate the profiles sought today in metal construction. The profiles are rather composite: specific technical skills are required but [...]
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Fresh air for everyone

Maturi&Sampietro, in collaboration with WindowMaster and Fittich, organizes a free event dedicated to designers and technicians in the sector at the beautiful splash & spa headquarters in Rivera to deepen the topic of natural ventilation and smoke evacuation systems. We spend up to 90% of our day inside closed places that, if badly ventilated, cause […]

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50th anniversary

Maturi&Sampietro celebrates fifty years of professionalism and passion together with customers, suppliers and partners. We thank everyone present for their warm participation in the event. “Strong as steel, transparent as glass”: never slogan was more right, just a first approach with the owners to understand that it goes perfectly even on the human level. If […]

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45th anniversary

On the occasion of her 45th birthday, Maturi&Sampietro gathers in the Church of Santa Lucia di Massagno to attend the free choral concert of the Choir of Singers of the Peaks. Maturi&Sampietro has always turned its attention to solidarity. For this reason, on the occasion of this historic milestone, it decided to organize a collection […]

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