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Fresh air for everyone

Maturi&Sampietro, in collaboration with WindowMaster and Fittich, organizes a free event dedicated to designers and technicians in the sector at the beautiful splash & spa headquarters in Rivera to deepen the topic of natural ventilation and smoke evacuation systems. We spend up to 90% of our day inside closed places that, if badly ventilated, cause […]

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Keeping up with digitization

Director Francisco Sampietro shares his experience for the benefit of the entire metal construction industry.  

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As strong as steel, as transparent as glass.

The beginning is a story to tell…The end of the sixties are important years for the canton of Ticino and beyond, years marked by youth disputes that will give an important political and professional imprint to our entire territory.

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50th anniversary

Maturi&Sampietro celebrates fifty years of professionalism and passion together with customers, suppliers and partners. We thank everyone present for their warm participation in the event. “Strong as steel, transparent as glass”: never slogan was more right, just a first approach with the owners to understand that it goes perfectly even on the human level. If […]

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Customs of Ponte Tresa, a new reality.

The Customs of Ponte Tresa, which connects Switzerland and Italy, is undoubtedly one of the most transited borders in our canton and, given its commercial importance, the Confederation has decided to completely renew the customs offices.

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Renovation of a façade with natural ventilation

Renovation of a façade with MINERGIE standard and an innovative natural ventilation system.

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45th anniversary

On the occasion of her 45th birthday, Maturi&Sampietro gathers in the Church of Santa Lucia di Massagno to attend the free choral concert of the Choir of Singers of the Peaks. Maturi&Sampietro has always turned its attention to solidarity. For this reason, on the occasion of this historic milestone, it decided to organize a collection […]

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Ticino company puts health at the forefront

The company’s health management for the metal construction company Maturi and Sampietro puts health at the forefront; it goes far beyond the ergonomic chairs and the “apple day” in fact creates procedures without inconvenience, redistributes skills and makes order in the workshop and offices, so that all the collaborators willingly come to work.  

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