Maturi&Sampietro celebrates fifty years of professionalism and passion together with customers, suppliers and partners. We thank everyone present for their warm participation in the event.

“Strong as steel, transparent as glass”: never slogan was more right, just a first approach with the owners to understand that it goes perfectly even on the human level. If it were for them, the contracts would “sign” with a handshake. And just like that, in what years ago, the beautiful adventure of Maturi&Sampietro SA was born.

The history of the company tells of people passionate about their craft and human contacts; people for whom – yesterday as today – customer satisfaction is at the top of their goals.
Fifty years ago, Giovanni Maturi di Massagno and Francesco Sampietro di Vezia had just completed their apprenticeship, and with a little recklessness and a lot of tenacity began their adventure. Soon maturi&sampietro as a small company created by two young men full of expectations becomes an important reality reaching the number of ten employees, so much so that the spaces of Massagno are no longer enough.
The move to Mezzovico, which took place in January 1990, allowed the company to make a qualitative leap and to grow over the years; today the staff consists of about forty employees.
In 2007 Francisco Sampietro, son of Francesco, a graduate metal engineer at Supsi in Lucerne, joined the staff and since 2013 has taken over the management of the company.
With this important goal, Maturi&Sampietro looks to the future with enthusiasm and desire to continue this adventure.